too scared to try lyrics – garage fuzz

should we want to keep going somewhere or to a place that we grew up
don`t want to hear that silent soundof thinking when we were…
(i`m not) cold, tired and low
i never feel cold, tired and low
i never fell too scared to try
blame it on my heart
i still hang on to what may be something that inspired me
but every single minute it`s like a flash, a moment running stoned
what have you done?
is searching for my dream wrong?
what do you think about this world?
i see you alone one more time
in your friends you have no hope
you are going down
because the only thing you trust
is envy and disgust
you let me down and want me to be a joker
im somewhat better than this
i can`t agree with the world and all the worst things it shows are so abnormal to me
i would wait till it was done
or it turn into a ghost
to break down those keys and let me breathe.

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