too stupid to live lyrics – leng tch’e

you blow away your stupid head while reenacting a crime
you light up a match to see in a room filled with gas
you wonder how it would feel to set yourself aflame
you can shoot an arrow in your own vital organs
you touch an electric wire without wearing any gloves
you jump off a cliff without realizing it

you are too stupid to live!

do you have a chromosome 21 too much?
how could anyone be so f*cking stupid like you?
don’t you see you’re not above
the laws of physics of this world?
you are doing such stupid things
that you just deserve to die!

too stupid to live!

you manage to get run over by your own f*ckin’ car
you try to change the light without switching off the electricity
you’re run through with knives because your trick didn’t work
you die in your car driving in the wrong direction
you cross the railroad but the train is coming at full speed
you’re teasing an elephant until he steps on you
you get crushed by a tree you’ve just sawn off
you kill yourself while playing something you saw on tv

you are just too f*ckin’ stupid for this life
we are glad you removed yourself from our gene pool

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