torture chamber lyrics – great kat

welcome to my torture chamber

now get your *ss over here
so i can stick you in a vice and squeeze you
until you scream in pain – in pain – in pain
and your veins pop out and your stomach explodes
and all your disgusting insides
spilt out all over the floor

now step into the hot vat of boiling water
see, i’m gonna boil your flabby skin
and watch it shrivel up and smell your ugly stench

shut up – shut up
stick out your flaccid *ss
so i can kick the cr*p out of you
over and over and over and over
until red, bl**dy welts form on your little *ss
hot wax on your little b*lls
them i’m gonna chop them up

had enough torture yet?
do you like your punishment?
you want more?
what? more?

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