towards the light lyrics – viking

dark, cold, that is/ some fog around me/ i can feel the smells/ hear the last bells/ and icy wind wraps me up/ and gently like the waves rocks my arms/ everything disappears/ here comes the time of the fears// and all my thoughts line up like soldiers/ but in my mind there is no disorder/ i’m looking for the might in my hidden life/ this is the way towards the light// dark, stout, that is/ some leaves on my feet/ i can feel the cold seeping of the stones/ the deep cracking of my bones/ i hear the noise of my steps/ and i think that this trip will never end/ every night i’ll live it again/ inside the forest of my head// the moon is shining on the frozen stream/ i touch the ice, it’s so keen/ the pain and the joy are revealed/ i reached the light, i’m able to see// i want to scream and hurl away all the pain/ i want to kill// i never saw my life before/ no, i won’t trick it anymore/ revenge and hate are what i store/ the light is dying, i’m waiting for the new dawn//

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