towards the sun lyrics – soulbound

awakes the beast in me
it casts
a d*mning light on me
it’s time
to reveal the truth
and soon
it quietly dwells in me:
you always knew that i would be unsure
that is what i am
here comes the cruel break of dawn again
so face the truth
it’s another lie – you can’t tell me that
it’s another lie, so let it all out
we’re another lie – you can’t tell me that
we’re another lie, let it all out
towards the sun
i try to never be afraid
tried to warn you against myself
have you ever felt betrayed
you trust me and now you’re aiming for the stars
too late
too late to compromise
this time
the day of reckoning
will rise
annihilate your fate
you’ve got
you’ve got to change the side

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