trash lyrics – deserters

how much longer will you wait? you waited so long and you
listened so
well, but it was all a lie and you could never tell. so,
forgive me for
every look that p*ssed right through you and every single
glance that
re*ssured you none of it was true. but, look at what
words can do: i still
f*cking used you. dear left behind, i know i threw you
out. because, i
knew in time that your faith in me would turn to doubt
and i’m sorry… that
i’m not sorry. the worst part is i only feel bad for
myself. now, all that
we see, when the snow has melted, is the trash we threw
out before the
winter came. you may linger in the warmth of the season’s
sun, with
fingers crossed, that it will grant you new life, but we
all know that
you’re dead inside.

dear left behind, i’m sorry.

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