tremors lyrics – decades of despair

a resonance whistling above
startling and daunting the hail
whispers of hail replicating to earth
a glacial imperil overlaying the lands
loading and freezing the air

tremors of skies
smothering the soul of these lands
raping the celestial ways
we fear all this covering
what the cloud’s hiding
hiding ourselves in our dusty lairs

spiles made of ice obscuring the sun, overwhelming the
attempt from the d*mned, to congeal all beings
spiles made of ice obstructing the stars, penetrating
the winds
attempt from the d*mned, to puncture and subvert

and no one would dare to face
these civilizations fossilized
by climatic hands
persistence will prevail

i am not the one to fear
the wrath of the fallen gods
i will never let go
and disappear in cold and coal

a never-ending storm
is not enough to break down our minds
we will rise for hope

we are the progeny
of hope and persistence
we are the descendants
of strength and intenseness

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