trial of the century lyrics – good riddance

what does it mean when you’re sixteen
the world’s a cold and lonely place
but you’re still kicking
every door down in the place

the war of words they’re so upright
you p*ss a hundred sleepless nights
and the worst is yet to come or so they say

here comes seventeen
and just beyond
there’s tolerance and empathy
to protect you from them all
a stand of evergreen
just like the places we would always talk about
to catch you when you fall

you hear a knock outside the door
it never rains here anymore
so now there’s nothing new
to was away the pain

a frightened face your clouded mind
the memories you’ve trailed behind
and seventeen still feels light years away

n*body seems to understand you
as your grasping for that innocence
sequestered in your mind

was it guilt or were they blind
all this time

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