tribulation lyrics – kalter

hords of oppression are rising
one way to break free, together
we stand in front of the enemy,
inflexible, we will never fall

cycle of metamorphosis, the pendulum effect,
evolution* of life trough consciousness and energy

onerous footsteps striking the earth
the march evolves with intensity,
forces of the unseen
converging energy, becoming one

the earth trembles in harmony
frequencies blend and combine

members of the tribe, time has now come to defend what
we live for.
our freedom.
members of the tribe, time has now come to unite our

they are coming to take the land from us,
breaking the perfect cycle we are into.
no one will ever control the way we think, the way we
live, the way we are
we are unbreakable
let’s create the future we dream of.

we are now erupting from the volcano of light
a burning river protecting the tribe

battle rages
storm blows
fire burns

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