trinket trading, tick toting, toothless, tired, tramps…..(a.k.a. 7 t’s) lyrics – guttermouth

trinket trading, tick tooting, toothless, tired, tramps… or the 7t’s
dancing round in circle staring at the sky
spending hours on a corner trying to hitch a ride
your girlfriend is filthy and stoned out of her mind
she hasn’t had a shower since 1969

you can’t even read you can’t even spell
begging and loafingis all that you do well
your heads full of lice you navels full of lint
don’t you f*cking breath on me go get yourself a mint

frisbee playing hitchikers are lame…
god d*mn hippies always smell like sh*t, p*ss, hemp and eggs

stringing lots of beads really ain’t that neat
dirty, drowsy hippie you need to wash your feet
daisy pickin fruit cake always low on cash
take your magic beans and shove them up your *ss!

nothing i hate more dirty hairy chicks
the only things that like them are gnats, fleas and ticks
always out to lunch always so confused
i wonder if they’va ever own a f*cking pair of shoes

frisbee playing hitchikers are lame…
god d*mn hippies… smell!

stupid lazy can’t hold a job

i’d love to disinfect you, shower you with bleach
rock collecting moron, nothing but a leech
make you clip you toenails, make you cut your hair
rid the world of hippies, purifies our air

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