triple threat lyrics – fabolous

[feat. nature, noreaga]
[intro: nature]
you don’t know how to f*cking rhyme
knowwhati’msaying? all ya b*tch *ss n*gg*s
all ya b*tch *ss n*gg*s
all ya n*gg*s, knowwhati’msaying?
all ya b*tch *ss n*gg*s, ya fake *ss n*gg*s
ayo, ayo, ayo
y’all know my pedigree, hoes blow the gods voluntarily
we’re world wide, my heart pumps where the ghettos be
young sharks be telling me, y’all n*gg*s can’t swim, y’all drowning
from my hood to your hood, the anthem, y’all wilding
i die for my coalition, the foes whispering
hating, wild gremlinz and knows that roll with ’em
so i chose rap, we vamped to neva go back
until this life of animosity, the high velocity
n*gg*s be on the same team planning to blow shots at me
be the same mouths i try to feed
i write sh*t, entice it properly, ’til it hurts me
the same game as james worthy, they spread my name like it’s herpes
nature, n*gg*s on the block boxing me, y’all not complete
we take this sh*t to where it gots to be, now smile philosophy
s*x and money go together like techs and nine sh*lls
swiss cheese you and cover it up like roswell
cartel, you ain’t seen no iller regime
the celest team, prophecy, project warrior, owns property
crackers hate it, cops get jealous ’cause i stay with
the ’98 temporary plates on my whip
the system thing is not right
a rich thug could f*ck a cop’s wife
’cause i’m on television and live the pop life
i rock mics, make mills, sound scan sales
one point whateva records, professional skills
money’s the root of evil but it’ll make you happy
don’t wanna shoot my people but still they might clap me
’cause i talk like dr. malakayork, played the sidewalk
hold fort, diamond plate chain, gold fork
get in tune, rich life ricky for silver spoon
frank lopez’s crib, elevators and living room
ayo we’re still in queens, same place where w&

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