tryna fall asleep intro lyrics – sammie

just received a text from my ex saying that she still love me, f*ck she still love me
but my new girl’s right here how am i to feel
d*mn i’m just tryna to fall asleep yeah
meanwhile, meanwhile my girl think that i’m cheating
everytime i leave the city, why me?
don’t she know this music sh*t be stressful
so maybe we should let go, idk, i don’t know
groupies be all up on me, 25 of the weight of the world
at the top so you know it’s lonely, fake friends f*ck that i’m fed up
sleeping pills ain’t working i’m accustomed to the substance, i’m a mess
i’m staring at the ceiling, a prisoner of my mind
d*mn i hate this feeling, i can’t sleep at night
tossing and turning, guess i’ll let it burn in
this lesson that i’m learning got me weak
i just wanna close my eyes just one good night
d*mn i just wanna fall asleep
i’m just tryna to fall asleep

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