turkey love lyrics – mac miller

uh baby, baby, yeah, baby, baby
i know, girl, girl, yeah, yeah, ah

i see you looking good, wearing that t shirt
and nothing else but some purple panties
your *ss cheeks bouncing off each other
like they don’t get along
but i’ma make them love each other
i’ma make them become the best of friends
your *ss cheeks girl, your *ss cheek like twings
but which one was born first baby
said which one is older and by how many minutes
girl, your *ss cheeks have got a mind of its on
which one had better essay t scores, girl
i don’t know, i don’t know, baby
if your *ss had a face, what expression would it be making
when i’d put my tongue inside that *sshole
and lick around like i’m tryina have some sh*tty soup
girl, f*cking with you is like
f*cking with a girl with a nice *ss
it’s a lot of *ss
and don’t forget about them t*tties girl
don’t forget about them nipples girl
they get hard when i rub them gently
and pinch them just a little bit
but i ain’t tryina hurt you girl
no i don’t wanna hurt you girl
unless you talking bout the way that
your p*ssy gonn be hurting after i get done with it
girl i’m just tryina have some fun with it
oh, you ain’t nothing but a sl*tty *ss hoe
f*ck every rapper that comes to your city
but god d*mn you’re so pretty
when that *ss and leggings girl
you don’t matter the pattern or if they just solid blunt
oh i want that *ss, you got that pack
i ain’t talking bout no celulite
i’ma tell you right, baby we gonn have a swell night
uh, and i don’t know if ever seen something like me
when i pull out my d*ck girl,
i plan on f*cking you so good, babe
i hope you like the way my d*ck feels
put it in your mouth girl,
don’t you dare wipe my sh*t,
cause i’ll hit you in your motherf*cking face
oh, i hit a b*tch, i hit a b*tch
but if you suck my d*ck good
then we can get along
might even put your head in this song
prolly not
uh, prolly not
girl, how does my d*ck taste after a show
and i still haven’t showered, you suck on my b*lls
you a champion, girl you a champion
you and me, n*body wants to be
together baby, but it’s okay
i’am f*ck you anyway
and i heard that kendrick f*cked you
i heard that rocky f*cked you
i heard that every single rapper that been in your city this month
f*cked you
but you still wouldn’t f*ck schoolboy q and i feel you
but baby you could love me right
and i know that your money tight
and i ain’t gonna give you sh*t, but a mill
a gl*ss of henny and this d*ck, b*tch
don’t come with me for money, no
cause i’ma tell you an ugly hoe,
slap you in the face, punch you, give that *ss a bl**dy nose
ugh, f*cking crazy
and i wouldn’t marry you if you f*cking pay me
a million dollars, cause you ain’t sh*t
but a real good p*ssy and a real is that p*ssy
and even that good, i just think that you lesbi
cause when you on me, everything seems incredible
you prolly just a regular *ss b*tch and i’m trippin
oh, i’m on the road and i’m trippin
missionary, doggy style, ride the d*ck, get wild girl
from the side, do a split, turn around, now suck my d*ck
baby suck my d*ck, oh
i love you girl, sight
i just told you mama that and then i f*cked her too
while your daddy watched, i’m crazy girl
better work out, i don’t like my b*tches lazy girl
don’t get lazy cause i’ll beat your *ss right to the car
i know i’m getting fast, slow you down with that
oh baby, give it that slap, yeah you like girl
and don’t you try and put your tongue in my *sshole
cause that’s way too nasty for me.

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