twelve depths of hades lyrics – nekromantheon

dwelling in the abyss
i protect the gates
beyond my unholy kingdom
the underworld awaits

but i hear a warning of danger
from a griffin – watching from the skies
that a pestilent “hero” approaches
and he’s armed with a fistful of lies

you may have vanquished my brethren
with your corruptive, deceitful ways
but i am the three headed h*ll hound of hades
i am your bane to be faced

as you beheaded the hydra
the typhoon beast of the sea
you have p*ssed your eleven labours
on your quest to enslave me

yet i laugh
at your futile attempts
i am kerebros
and i’m f*ckin’ h*ll bent

past the black pillars of madness
is the portal to my nest
surrounded by a halo of vultures
ready to tear into your flesh
all that is heard is
the sound of crushing bones
as you enter the domain
i revel in my triumph
herakles is slain!

twelve t*tanous thresholds
twelve labours of death
twelve offspring of typhon
twelve depths of hades

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