unadulterated brutality lyrics – impetigo

innocent women. hacked to pieces
the killer smears and fondles
the bl**dy mess!
i can’t help, but look
i can’t help, but stare!
razor blades slicing, and jabbing,
and ripping
crimson intestinal eye-slashing death!
i can’t help, but look
i can’t help, but stare!
“…to satisfy my thirsty needs,
to let the tension out,
i’ve got to see the guilty bleed
my own path to glory.
kidnap a b*tch, a slave tp my pain
a gash in her head
bruise her f*ckin’ brain
and when she’s unconscious
and blood begins to flow
my black heart laughs
and i really start to go.
slice and stab and pound and chew
finger f*cking the open wounds
of the deserving dog, the b*tch,
my mouth in her guts
stretching elastic tissue
c*mming with the stench,
licking her nostrils,
holding back my erection…
the rusty knife peeling back
layers of virgin c*nt flesh
my fat greasy fingers
covered in sh*t, teethmarks of
hatred tatooed in death
i feel pure and holy”.
sheer violence, vicious intent
bloodstained fingers ripping flesh bare!
i can’t help but stare!

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