undead lyrics – entrails

being all alone at midnight
walking through the cemetery
the moon in full, it freaks me out
the earth begins to quake
i turn my head around my shoulder
and see a hand coming from the ground
thinking what the f*ck is going on?
the gate is locked, i am trapped

the dead are walking at the cemetery
hungry for flesh and thirsty for blood

a thick fog of rotten stench
i try to hide from the shadows of death
they seek for human souls
empty my head and scream for my life
i had to make my escaping clear
how to run, how to hide
grabbed a pole and began to smash
their heads cracked as they fell to the ground

i was killing zombies that night
dead things drooling for my flesh
what the h*ll woke ’em up?
can i somehow make them die?
i was running, i was hiding
looking for a thing to do
found a gas can, spread the fuel
lit a fire and made them burn

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