under bloody sun lyrics – archontes

i see another day falling down with lies
i see tomorrow – that’s my bl**dy curse
i feel my rage again – the bl**dy sun will rise
so joker cry out – you have lost!
in my soul
sp*wns shadows
erases my eyes
my gift
is stronger,
but madness
is a terrible price

you’ve returned but understand me right
fly away back home
so many years – why did you come here now
to rule or separate?

i don’t know the words of love
i was born for might
the greatest power was given me by gods
it’s not my choice –
just a roll of dice
so joker cry out…
you’re just a shadow
in my soul
and killing my mind
tell me
my master
did you know?
or were you so blind?

under bl**dy sun
i lead you
the time has come
our way
is so long
but never close your eyes in darkness
try to see the light
we see the light
misleading light

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