under the charm of the witch lyrics – utter hell

as i walk in the dark, toward an light
i see that gathering around the bonfire
it is the sabbath, the black ritual
the meeting for worship to satan
abissmal chants, and infernal prayers
to summon the powers of the night
the h*rned one, lord of evil
they prepare an orgy on thy name

then one of those witches approaches me
possessed by l*st, she’s dragged to my feet
she lead me at the center of that bacc*n*l
then she haunts me to take her in sodomy

black moon has arisen
it’s time of sacrifices
to suck the blood of the wh*r*
and a virgin’s deflowering

the wind blows hard and consumes the flames
all is so dark that only i can see some shades

a dreadful cry, makes me shake
and the harpies kneel before lucifer
a female is sacrificed
her blood is taken from her holes… raped

dark lord we venerate thee with our concupiscence
accept this offering and give us thy d*mnation

under the charm of the witch
i drink the blood of a sweet c*nt
while her flesh is flayed
for feast of the black souls

under the charm of the witch
i sate with she the filthy pleasure
i lose me into bloodl*st
even if we’ll burn in h*ll together

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