under the great dome lyrics – tears of mankind

lit up the sky with soft light and warm breeze embraced
gentle smell of green gardens steals my mind and takes to
the unfulfilled dreams
under the great dome sheltering the secrets of ancient
river under the three arches takes away confusion and
brings clarity of days

night fell spilling stellar shards, lost and gone leaving
a slight trace
carefully concealing veil of sleep does not go away… she
asked to stay
calms the wounded soul, warms cold bones coming back to
life, leaves the memory
re*ssured forever i go into the depth of the cold walls

summer rain will be spilled morning, leafing another day
and i’m here again
fresh wind blowing your hair, twisting in the wonderful
patterns and i’m breathe again
your voice caress my ear, far away takes me and i fell
asleep again
night shroud covered the city, brought peace and i’m
leaving again

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