under the same sky lyrics – thy majestie

lord of qin, we’re finally here
bowing to you to endear
years of grief flow in our veins
our smile will avoid more pain

while i’m seeing your dutiful way
i can hear words you’re not saying
years of grief flow in my veins
’cause you can’t see my big plans
fools, you think you have reached your aim
first one to claim revenge
twice they’ve tried to take my head
following their raging pain

can’t you see i’m the herald of new world
i’m the bearer of truth and law
all battle cries will become only one song
echoing under the same sky

this era will decree
my righteous hegemony
for the empire
they will fight, they will fight
to bring the peace, to bring the peace
all sorrows will decease
kingdom of the sun
his downfall will never come
for the empire, for the empire
our forces, our forces
will be deployed, will be deployed
our foes will be destroyed

for the last time i’ve been merciful
too many times i’ve been called a tyrant
i’ll become the one you’re scared of
agony will be your fate

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