undivined lyrics – centinex

seven enshrined souls
stranded on a journey far
on a sh*r* of sorrow
all the tears are gleam

i’m your undivined god

the rain is slipping
through your hands
feared by the golden th*rns
a graveyard of wasted memories

i’m your undivined god
now descending
on black withering wings

as the sun burns red
i wrap my arms around you
a wasteland of burn marks,
a temple of shadows
reflections eternal,
i touched the deeper dawn
i enchanted your heart,
the shades showed us the mark

your life is written in blood
in love, in time, in fear
a dark faced stranger
from yesterday

a void like a speachless silence
or a sleeping empty lie
like a burning endless rainbow
from a dimension far away

time to set the flaming sails
off to the unknown we leave
far away from the earthly
we are gone for now and ever

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