undo me lyrics – jennifer knapp

oh lord i think i messed up again,
was it something i did was it something i said
i dont’ mean to do you wrong
it’s just the way of human-nature
sister i think i let you down
i can tell by the fact you don’t come around
you don’t have to say a thing i can tell by your eyes exactly what you mean
i think is time to get down on my kneens and pray
lord undo me
out away my flesh and bone to you oh
the sprit throug me lord undo me
mother i know i made you cry
but i never ment to hurt you i never ment to lie
while the world shook it’s head in shame i let you take the blame
bother i know you live so hard to please me
but i cut you down and i left you on your knees
wanting neddin guilty i am brething am i just unholy undo me undo me
father you must wonder why
more times than peter i have denied
3 nails and a cross to prove i owe my life eternially to you

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