undone within lyrics – epoch of unlight

[lyrics: losicco ’96]

deeper down i lie, and in it all the night
that i may never see, what’s become of me.
the wolves: howl above: yet for i: the peace that was once now has p*ssed
the caleche: rattles by: and again:
the sustenance of life continues on it’s path
a dark trip with nothing more to see
the immortal soul’s final destiny
the enlightenment undoes the self
ancient ways: in infinite chaos unfolds: unwilling yet to see:
infinite scenes on my canvas are scrolled
(a) predacious creature: with only a mind to feed: the l*st that wells within:
becomes as faltered as the seed
that germinates: within barren and arid soil: a wanton desire to be:
fought by nature and all her course
a discourse: upon the “lie untold”: that i may remove the self:
and with it all the duplicities of old
sacrarium: within the mud and clay: yet still with heightened awareness:
i sense the p*ssing of the day
into dusk: and further into night: again my mistress calls me:
to be with what is mine by right
like “life” so flows the lie
embracing me
interring me
i am undone within
i have seen one thousand twilights besmeared by western paling lights
and in their wake the primal forces gathered to unite as one
the time of darkness is upon us finally to cleanse the brood
my “pride”, my will, my l*st unending will return me to the world
for unto me
chaos rapture
i was never to be
“whole” again
undone within

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