unearthed arcana lyrics – opera ix

consecrate the altar with your symbols
this is the night
when the breeze will rekindles the sacred fire
and when the sacred stones will sing your new name
it’s the night of the breeze rekindling
the sacred fire,
(it’s the night) of the sacred stones singing your new name.
draw the circle with the athame
and undress your candid body
to let the eye of the gods see your essence.
guardians of the north,
sacred spirits of the earth
in the dark of your warm womb
accept my death i offer you my greetings
(and) i welcome you
guardians of the east,
sacred spirits of the air
as the sun rises from the east after the night,
guide my soul to a new birth.
(lead my soul to a new dawn)
guardians of the south,
sacred spirits of the fire.
protect me and lighten my journey on the new path
watch over me
and make my journey on the new path bright and clear
i offer you my greetings and i welcome you
guardians of the west,
sacred spirit of the water
purify me and make me clear as new spring
i offer you my greetings
(and) i welcome you
death is waiting and widening its voracious mouth.
i am entering the dark before the creation
i am entering the womb of the goddess
may my body born again
may my soul stay in peace
may my heart be ready
sink yourself in the warm earth
sink your mind in the ancient litany
dark mother take me in
let me be born again
we all come from the same womb
this is the song of the goddess,
the key to the great union.
anoint your breast and your womb
widen the door of the new fate
and introduce yourself with your new name
ensemble of flesh enlived by new power
take the cup and the athame
raising your arms to the sempitern eye
as the cup is female so the knife is male
now joined
they bring blessing
consecrate your sacrifice
and enjoy the gifts of the great mother
close your circle and step over,
in the truth that all (the) circles hold
go now you, new creature
now the master of the only art
that all the arts contains
and where all the arts come from.
live with honour
and with honour die.
you the master of the only arcane craft
that all the arts gathers…

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