unhallowed ground lyrics – negative plane

a soul lives in a dark place
in an unknown grave reserved for the d*mned
by the northern wall of the churchyard cemetary
in the place once known to some as “h*ll’s corner”
where the air hangs with the dust of tombs
and the mounds seem to breathe

the place is cursed and all those
who are buried in this forsaken place
cannot be laid to rest

the souls of suicides and unbaptized children
who must go to the place
of wailing and gnashing of teeth
in the outer darkness
where the tears fall like rain

for at midnight’s toll the evil one
will come to claim the souls of those
whose heads are pointed north
with their feet turned to h*ll

and neither the angels nor the saints
will intercede on their behalf,
for god himself has turned away and
given them to him

they are lost forever
for heaven’s gates are closed
and satan has their souls

here the evil spirits prey upon the living
filling those p*ssing by with gloom and sorrow
and as the sands of time obscure the names on the
their fates will be forgotten,
but their cursed souls remain
in unhallowed ground

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