unholy magic attack lyrics – inquisition

sing the song of the seven winds as i spit the dragons fire.
i summon deities of hate through unholy magic spells.
surging unto the cosmic realms in the search of ancient moan.
from the chasms of asmodeus storms of chaos shall unleash.
chanting under skies of t*tan moons
invoking solitary demons
wicked screams rising from a thousand thrones
shadows covering temples of doom.
oh! how i bleed, my blood summons the black lord.
eyes of might, fire so brigth, black sky lighten from the evil h*rned moon.
unholy magic attack
roll the drums in satans name
infinite spells of hate i cast from my moon throne.
chanting words of doom to enemies of mine
attack with might
unholy victory!
naamah, naamah the shadowed one
shamdon, shamdon the evil one
ashtart, ashtart the fire son
berith, berith the evil duke.

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