uninvited guest lyrics – kat

in the endless sp*ce
of human ignorance
the embittered insane thoughts
are searching for their lost home
somewhere among hyenas of society

i hear the voices say to me
nothing’s gonna change you
any more, any more

i’m diving in the shadow
living in the trap
always on the dark side of the moon

unwanted guest

sign on the clouded sky
like omens spins the tale of silver moon
embrace of cosmic might
i’m living in the sphere
beyond reach of humans
hyenas – hyenas

hi my hyenas, here i’m, your plague
hi my bl**dy dogs, i’m fear, venom, death

i’m the demon of your minds, of your minds
i’m the nightmare of your dreams

you know your time is running out
you’d better start to pray
i will come to you
like uninvited guests
like uninvited guests

hi my hyenas
here i am, your plague
your plague
your plague
your plague
your plague

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