unleashed lyrics – decontrolled

walking down the dusty streets, i watch the concrete
and i know i can’t escape from it, no matter how i try
long time ago, somebody said, “our fate lies in the
what should i say, i don’t dig that sh*t, but sometimes
i can’t fight it

always spinning in the circles, same old sh*t day after
always feeling f*cking fragile, ‘cause every step i
take betrays
sometimes, i feel like dreaming, when i dream my life
‘cause the future rarely smiles at me, lurking like a
bird of prey

i don’t want to fade away like the sun into dusk
i don’t want to be afraid to stand up and fight

god we never spoke much, i know i’m not a great
still nothing costs to ask you just to listen up to
this dreamer
i never asked a thing before, all i did, i did on my
but now i beg you to set me free, scr*pe me off this

or just look at all those people, simply walking down
the street
hope is long gone from their eyes and now they’re
dealing with their own defeat
so i write these rhymes for you, that’s the only thing
i can do
that’s the only thing i’ve got left, when there’s
nothing left to cling to

i don’t want to fade away (like the sun into dusk) like
the sun into dusk
i don’t want to be afraid to stand up and fight, (for

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