unleashed lyrics – melankoly

treachery lies in light, and i lay in between
radiant walls and ambers i once worn through the
meadows and the crimes that i had scene
roped and chained tight *ssuring my fate
drugs for my rage yet nothing for my thoughts
still, i deny my faith
wanting to be free again

your tears your cries your pitiful demise
is for the comfort of my soul
the slaughter the crime, the stench of this night
is for the comfort of my own

through the halls of a decade life
the rooms are filled with anger
driven by the h*llish fire
to roam free at night
unleashed upon the world
with sharpened blades for slaughter
he will take your soul
the mortal reaper
never to be unleashed

only free in his dreams
he’s paralyzed he cannot speak
his p*ssion still burns so strong
hands tied all alone
prosecuted as a beast
the verdict ruled his faith is sealed
several counts first degree
he’ll be hung tomorrow on the street

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