unnamable lyrics – eternal dirge

i’m unknown to history
unspoken’s my name
a secret to anthropology
my existence is obscene

where eternal darkness covers the light
perpetually shining bright
i dream in utmost solitude
yet, none have seen my sight

i’ll ride the wind that purifies
from my watery cage i shall arise
from the world of seven suns
to mock your world of lies

so keep alive the memory
of my ancient ways
and shadow forth the prophecy
of a returning to these days

for that what’s dead moght live again
and that what lives must die
in a world beyond your sanity
i will twist your feeble minds

i, unnamable
age: unexplorable
origin: unknown
i’m a lonely dreamer
in my silent dome

where eternal bedlam covers the truth
held within our youth
i dwell in utmost solitude
yet, none have seen my sight

deep ones, follow my command
spread your seed to roam the land
none shall be where i will stand

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