unrest lyrics – a past unknown

can you hear me? is my voice loud enough? why do i hear
silence? i am restless. in this moment, quiet is getting
louder. i’m left
here waiting, when will i get my answer? hear me at the
moment when i lose
all. don’t give up on me, i know i’m frail and unclean. i
need strength to
get back down on my knees. how long will i hear quiet
through the trials
and the violence that threaten my thoughts screaming i’m
alone? i’m not
good with intentions to reveal my cause. you have spoken,
my hardened
heart shut you out. forgive me, i know i’m selfish,
unworthy. i am nothing
without your love for me. i said not to you with how i
want everything.
your silence has been screaming while my ignorance has
left me deaf to
your calling. to your meaning, i know you hear me, your
silent screams
leave me undeserving. this time i’ll shut up and learn.
this time i’ll
learn to listen. you can hear me, my voice is loud
enough, it’s not your
silence, it’s my ignorance. hear my voice, renew my mind,
speak to me.

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