until the sun goes up lyrics – hedon cries

black shadows dethroned my brightness
a past of pain and sorrow…
without eyes to see my wounded oneself
like sunset my only soul dies
and now i want to dream
the world i had dreamed the time before this life…
among my anger a god must be born
and maybe i’ll forget, maybe i’ll forgive…

your tears have been just a dark hypocrisy!
my heart has bled, my heart has suffered
my feelings were burnt
i’ve slept into dark gardens
i’ve rolled on th*rny flowers

your image grows of a sick thought
a black veil of misery is your ally
i observe the red fog before your path
only there you can fly away from me
only there you can save your punished body
only there, until the sun goes up
only there, until the sun goes up
until i set myself free from the dark
until i connect all my feelings again!!!

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