unvacuity lyrics – murder therapy

hanging from the wisdom, yelding forth this past
gathering my shreds, surrounded by my flaws
turned into conscience, catch a glimpse of it

go back up the cascade into which flows nothing
betray every feeling, non-sense
of this paradox
sign of this changing. full of regret
is the cloth we’re made of
a cloth i won’t take off.

ask to your sphynx
ask to your sphynx her own riddle

fall by the way (swimming) in waters vitreous
it’s like an addiction to the binds that maintains you

go back, betray, improve
set these feelings

it’s all right, what is wrong can’t keep on
to the unmistakable

i have drown
inside of it to resurface
and i saw a new closeness!
it’s not too late the time is gone
but since you’re here my time’s reborn
upholding the truth
upholding the truth
upholding the truth
acknowledge to be wrong
i’m not ashamed to admit that what i feel is
will you be able to complete my cavities?
can you feel?
shall you feel?

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