unveiled lyrics – indesinence

for ages it has seemed, day, night
and seasons just blend into one
from the stillness of these ruined halls
such lifeless falls, beds long dried

in endless struggle to excise the dread
of staying or leaving behind
and parting with revelries past
yet hosting and nursing all that’s despised

fugitives from static thought
the joys and rues of cities behind
may a new day come to find
the shields relinquished
the masks undone

so it is done
a haven flooded by rain
drifting away with the tide
from faces i’ll never see again
to be all and none with all

cleansed, washed ash*r*
the ego’s fabric dissolved
naked, at sunrise, touch wide open
like a newly born

how did it come to this?
the truth erupts
like lava and burning flame
from deep within

for every childhood dream, one thousand wasted means
one horizon out of reach
one moment strangled by fear
as time sleeps away from me
to always be

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