upon ashen wings lyrics – unleash the archers

this night my son, keep your eyes to the sky, against the
black see their shadows for miles
they come with vengeance and hate in their hearts, it’s
time, they fly, prepare
there’s no escape when they take to the air

so come on over, to the other side, where it is colder

hear tell of these wingless angels flight, escaping
through the night
racing over silent mountain sentries, soaring for their

they’ve chosen their side there is no going back, and
heaven’s gates they are closing for good
so when they fight they will fight to the end, it’s time,
unite, defend
and they’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with men

so come on over, to the other side, where you are


cast out and betrayed for fighting against his terror,
broken by the pain but rising again and again

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