use your blood lyrics – cadaverous condition

they arrive and say
“we could use your blood”
and i’m going down

there are scars that we take
along the path that we make

forget your friends, they have forgotten you
there are awful things entering this room

use your blood
why is it so?
use your blood
use your blood
i don’t know

i’m on the ground now
fallen into place
without a worry in the world
but then the pain comes

open your veins, let the salt in, i p*ss out
mix your blood with the ocean waves

tell me what is life for?
what is this life for?

use your blood to change my life
use your blood to alter my vision

use your blood to change my life
use my blood
use your blood to build a secret hideaway
blood phobia
use your blood to send me dreaming
send me away
use your blood to bring me down
will you help me?
when i p*ss out

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