used abused and left for dead lyrics – lividity

nighttime falls, as i creep into my room
her eyes gazing, frantically for her life
preparing to die, i’ll drag her body to my lair
violently reacting, to my every command

death will come
when you bleed
nice and slow
raging uncontrollably i

rip off your arms
then your legs
leaving your torso
twitching and convulsing as i

force your mouth on my d*ck
f*ck the stumps where legs went
use your arms for chopsticks
then i’ll…

use a knife like a d*ck
ream your c*nt till it rips
watch the blood and c*m mix
then i’ll…

cut your throat as i thrust
mutilate your cold sn*tch
my face glazed with your blood
i use it for lube too

penetrate your tight *ss
you’re a b*tch and a sl*t
used for s*x and much more
left for dead on a rural road

left there for the bugs to eat you’ll…

rotting till there’s nothing left
you f*cking b*tch
used, abused and left for dead

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