v: you never looked like this lyrics – venetia fair

i find it curious how you could think that you could
walk into our house and look around and find the same
pathetic man you broke when you left. did you think i
wouldn’t heal? well i’m here bandaged up like they
st*tched me back together.

i’m fine, come inside
get comfortable but sleeping dogs must lie
and i’ve been spending all my time perfecting my finest

but god knows i wanted to find you
’cause i’d forgotten the color of your lips
now that you’re finally here, i swear they never looked
like this
and i’m sure you’ve got so much to tell me
but i can barely recognize your face
up until you left you never looked like this

i know my humors have aged in this place.
is my blood brown within these veins?
prematurely changing shades when its applied like
carmine dye
how’d you think that you would feel
when she’s here painted up like she’s every perfect
memory of mine.

and oh god, i barely recognize your face
my god, i was sure there was nothing more beautiful
(oh god what happened to you) i barely recognize your
my god, i would never have dared compare her to you
but i’m sure you never looked like this
leave me here would you lock that door when you go.

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