vagitarian ii lyrics – exhumed

(musick & lyrixxx – matt harvey, 1995)

admiring the syphilitic visage, of the pustule ridden genitals that i adore,
oozing seb*m and pus dribbling on the l*b**, leaves me panting for more…
v*g*n*l excrements fume and funk, the stench of festering menstrual discharge,
the wafting odor tortues my nasal p*ssage, the glistening c*nt wet with
blood… a crust ridden musty flap of l*st suffering, from severe
dermatological disorder, the sanguined slit lined with papules, and genital
warts along its fleshy borders… licking the sickening tw*t, the foul stench
of the blistering crotch, drinking the menstruated slop, delight in each
pustular drop… p*ssing blood clots, eating crotch rot, septic blood and pus,
consume the runny crust, urine flows out of the slit, p*ss washes over the
cl*t, taste the blood and p*ss, nothing compares to this… my face fully
buried within, the pubic mound of grime and warts, voraciously lapping up
excrements of, every sordid type and nauseating sort… the atrocious
nauseating odour, proves too strong to resist in the end, the nauseating fumes
overwhelm me, as i vomit into the moist pungent gash… regurgitate onto the
c*nt, puke on the gore ridden sl*t, drunk off the urine flow, i bathe in the

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