valentine’s day (for the rest of us) lyrics – i am disaster

distilled taste i know of you well, this holiday it
overwhelms me
when will you fall from the seam?
and i’ll know how it feels to have my knees to the
comprehending that all my pride has been forsaken
you’ll forever shine the darkest of my nights
i need this more than you know

i desire what’s unison in what i’ve felt
and i can’t wait much for this day to finally weigh
can the fear of sensation be conceiving
when it’s no longer felt from the home?

and i’m stoned down deep within myself go!
it’s time to fixate on the ones who really need to feel
let’s make this happen

the word alone stands strong but we can break its
because i know with time we’ll be together

your moment’s cut short when you felt this was the one
for sure
don’t feel lost or unsure because our future lays in us

this can’t make sense, why must we wait? i’d give you

and you’re strong is what i’m told but this hurts
it just tears me inside
and you’re bold and you’re strong but i feel dead
nothing matters but to know that you’ll be there

now i’ll stop

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