valley of the blades lyrics – dethlehem

the sun does shine over our backs
and no matter what
eyes aim forward, past this heat and sweat
dust clouds reveal the rocks

the glimpse of horrors laying dormant
burrowed throughout these hills
all the torment, for years that forewent, their souls
the evil filled

pressing on, remains of that p*ssed through, they met
their end
then before our eyes, they appeared, the flesh scarce
from them

with deadly cold steel, and skeletal hordes decapitate
those that near
in their screams, stating their plea, join us now, you
belong here

decades of screams and carnage were made
yet the night fades, upon the valley of blades

tread this desert sand, the oath we’ve defied
take up your sword and turn bone into dust

and what of their birthing, of screams and decay
trapped forever, stopping what comes this way
many years have past, countless lives were claimed
aimless wandering led by a soul’s eternal flame
put them to rest now, a quiet whispering
“i return now to familiar and at peace”

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