vampires drink deep lyrics – hallows eve

edgar cruelinstein, keeper of the graves
has many things that should not be
the necropolis he ruled on the edge of night
was the only comfort of his troubled mind
so peaceful and dark in his own world
only occasional visitors to disturb his demented
though for he has a scheme, a crazy on at that
for he is about to make a deal with vampire

edgar watched with morbid interest
how quick and swift, a womans demise
claws in her breast, tearing up the middle
like a butcher gutting a hog

then it begins to drink the blood
drinking with great pleasure
oh the blood tastes so sweet
and when it rises, there’s nothing left
flesh and bones, a lifeless clump of p*ss
the horror before the sight before him
makes him p*ss his pants
as they cynically remark that
they were getting thirsty

as he sits here, night after night
he watched with great interest
how they prayed on human blood,
one more to add there ranked
or left drained dry to rot
parasites who hath sp*wned from h*ll
satan’s angels of death

please mister dark one, listen to me
i very much want to serve you
i’ve watched you, nosferatus
i’ve seen the risks you take of the stake
and sun, i shall give you blood
you’ll not have to take the risks
all i ask in return
is some of the riches that you possess

so the deal was made,
edgar sells them blood
but they have become wise,
for the blood is their own
in their lair they sleep,
edgar walked light on his feet
in his hand the syringe
he must have blood
so that he shall be rich

we know your unfaithful ways
the reason for our growing weak
now you must pay for the crimes
commited against our sect

to wake thirsty in the night
edgar, you foolish man
you will never die,
but you will be rich

edgar’s never seen
in the light of the day
but you can see him
in the light of the moon
sitting in his grave yard thinking
of the day he tried to rule
he screams, he yells
he curses and kicks
when it’s done, edgar kills again

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