vast – the long tomorrow lyrics – disaffected

rising from the sleep into the grasp of eternal
like the dust of star adrifting into sp*ce
like the threatened twinkling of a distant star

darkened within me now as i melt
forging in dust

ever lasting substance solved in the open sphere
the melting of elements mixing in a timeless frame
building my new structure with the essence of sp*ce
as my spectre becomes one with the universe – vast

i’m here – i’m there
i’m now – everywhere

vast – i’m now resting for eternity
the basis of my self-being has overcame
vast – melted the immense
one with the universe one with god

my presence is melted
with the substance with the universe
i’m one with the universe, one with god

“…it is my believe that when one dies the esense of his
soul will be absorbed and mixed with the vastness of our
universe, it’s a kind of a symbolic rebirth as you return
to where you came from: the big wide cosmos…”

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