vile requiem lyrics – mass

the p*ssage of, the blackest dawn, will come.
adorned with hate, for all of man’s, kingdom.
cannot escape, the fate that we’ve, been given.
the end of life, as our world, darkens.

eradicate, the life we have been given,
and put the world to rest, in the silence of the end.

eradicate, the life we have been living,
and set the world ablaze, in the violence of the end.

the end.
destroy the race that caused so much pain.
the end.
burn to the ground humanity’s domain.
the end.
all that’s alive will be taken by the flames.
the end.
the cursed human race will die in it’s shame.

the end, of life. the end, nothing left.
human race deserves to die in it’s filth. [x2]

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