violating the obvious lyrics – frostmoon eclipse

violating the obvious

i tried to feel myself safe
in this world full of hope
but i just feel cold

i tried to be someone else
and being raped by consciousness
it was greyness inside

i just remember, some need to an end
some hunger and will to die

incessant and magnificent
the beats of death are upon us
a macabre rhythm in black
a miserable loneliness

skeletons are playing skulls
drums made of human skins
coldness and anger
are smelling death aside
triumphant melodies of torture
rumbling endless nightmares
the entrance of heaven
breathing the light of day

breathing the light of day

no words to say, no sounds to play
their beat is sweet and lovely

lonely as twilight’s brightness
light is lighting these empty skulls

breathing the light of day

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