violent omen lyrics – deathrow

heavy breath, cold cold sweat
running but there is no place to hide
the steps get slower, satanic laughter
everywhere you turn

panic fear and weakness
in darkness is nothing to see
only the fire of h*ll shine bright
to guide the legions of master saman

when the fire is cold
and the newborn child is old
when the day is dark and black
a violent omen strikes back

demon lords rise up from h*ll
baphomets requiem celebrates your death
you violation will be destroyed and you soul
will recieve in the army of death


when the night is over
you wake up from your dream
take a look in the mirror
the horror is what you see

fantasies of evil games with human thoughts
takes men down in a world of darken mights
the warning of the saints stay unheard
the nightmare of cruelty has begun

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