voicemail skit lyrics – jim jones

[operator:] please enter your p*ssword.
beep beep beep beep beep
[operator:] your mailbox is completly full, please delete any unwanted messages.
mainmenu to-
[girl:] jimmy, jimmy i been callin you all m*th*f*ckin day.
you on that birdgame dipset bullsh*t.
you got me real m*th*f*ckin mad.
i went to the bathroom to rinse my m*th*f*ckin mouth out
after suckin your m*th*f*ckin d*ck and i find that you leave me a hundred dollars.
whats up wit that bullsh*t you coulda least left me a m*th*f*ckin?.
i ain’t gettin sh*t out this m*th*f*ckin relationship
but a m*th*f*ckin dipset tattoo what the f*ck is up with that?
i ain’t f*ckin with you no more.
but when you get this message call me.
dipset b*tch.

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