voices of eos lyrics – words of farewell

anything’s better than to be alone in this world
so we hide away in this illusion of comp*ssion
to flee from the cold, grim truth inside ourselves
but there is a way to escape the void within us

voices of eos break the silence
and show us the path to the stars
voices of eos break the silence
and guide our way back home

to rise our heads again
we don’t give in to the pain
to survive in this vast world
we shall stand strong

we won’t give up until the time has come
where she rides across the skies once again
above these ruins where nothing is to be found
now it’s time to take us way beyond the horizon

flying across the welkin with her
riding on the wings of devotion
we ascend to the heavens
finally we’ve found the freedom
that we’ve longed for all our lives
come along with me … my friend

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