void lyrics – drammagothica

a tranquillity that
makes me live again
a voice a face,light on me.
light around my dark
it isn’t so straight,
this long way
in front of me.

but i’d have the courage to p*ss,
to take behind
the part of mine that
has a fear

i need a minute of silence
i ask my soul in p*wn
i pray my own suffering
i need my life burns

my body is iced by
the black light that now
is all around
i’m crying.
pain inside my heart,
i fell so useless
my effort to go up again

a night of tears is enough,
to learn the pain that i
have absorbed in this life.

i feel me in the middle of the fire…
and i’m burning, slowly,
and every day seems that someone throws gasoline on
to make me wear out sooner..

all is transforming in void,
in impatience,
in pain…
oh my soul …
is transforming in void
all is rage and void …

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