voyage into the golden screen lyrics – donovan

in the golden garden bird of peace
stands the silver girl the wild jewels niece
paints and pretty colors children’s drawings on the wall
look of doubt i cast you out be gone your ragged call

in the forest thick a trick of light
makes an image magnet to my sight
gown of purple velvet enchanted glazed eye
the sound of wings and sparkling rings behold a crimson sky

tread to light so not to touch the gr*ss
breathe the air so slowly as you p*ss
silent sudden dewdrop remains unseen until
eyes to fall to hidden call the power of love and will

symphonies of seaweed dance and swoon
surreal celestial sh*r* beneath the moon
see the dark and mighty peaks pierce the c*mulus
violet and mauve they power you can sus’

elvin fingers clutch a deep black cloak of fine damask
aged rock incarnate lie reveal a jeweled cask

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